Life Stages And The Four Main Types Of Growth And Development

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Growth and development begins at birth and ends at death and during an entire lifetime, individuals have needs that must be met. The following are the life stages and the four main types of growth and development. 1. Infancy---- infancy is the new born begin age birth to 1 year old and he/ she experience a degree of familiarity and begins to trust the world around him/ her. a. The Physical development- rolls over, crawl, walk, and grab things. b. Mental development—responds to cold, hunger, and pain by crying. Begin to recognize surroundings and become aware of surroundings and people. c. Emotional development – show anger, distrust, happiness, excitement, etc. d. Social development – self-centeredness concept of the newborn to recognition of others in their environment 2. Early childhood---the child begins to learn new things and has an active imagination and curiosity about everything. a. Physical development – growth slower than in infancy. Muscle coordination allows the child to run, climb, and move freely. Can write, draw, use a fork and knife b. Mental development – verbal growth progresses, short attention span, at end of stage ask questions, recognize letters, and some words c. Emotional development – develop self-awareness and recognize the effect they have on other people and things. Children feel impatience and frustration as they try to do things beyond their abilities. This lead to temper tantrums (the terrible two’s) d. Social development – at beginning
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