Life Story Of The Chief Storyteller At Sap

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Life Story Of The Chief Storyteller At SAP, Julie Roehm: Being Different Like Steve Jobs “Julie, we are moving again.” her father would echo those words every few years of her school life. Most kids would have found that physical move of schools and making new friends in a new place too intense of a change. Julie was different. She thrived on that change, taking her chances and embracing variety. In her words, “I knew nothing better. I absorbed what I saw – my mom’s bubbliness and my traveling salesman dad’s persona of self-belief. I am from the Midwest with deep roots to a small town called Watertown in Wisconsin. I am fifth generation in my family who was born there.” For a moment, I forgot I was speaking with one of the senior women executives at the multinational company - SAP. Her enthusiastic earthliness reverberated on the phone. I had my reasons for talking to her. Steve Jobs reveled in working on the fringes against conventional wisdom. He took his chances for change. Yet, there was a singular constancy in his life – his innate love for bringing technology intimately closer to people. He found the down years, after the ouster from Apple, the most nourishing in his life to contemplate, recharge and more importantly ruminate on what is truly important. He refined his approach and resurged with renewed vigor on what he always believed in – his constancy. That yielded spectacular results - bringing us amazing products that we talk about with reverence.

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