Life Strengths

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In a study 2001 study titled “Life Strengths Interview Guide: Assessing Elder Clients’ Strengths” (71), the authors have emphasized on the need for an assessment tool in order to assess the strengths of the geriatric population. According to the authors, Conservative gerontological assessments mostly focus on collecting information about collect such deficit-focused data as an elder’s dependence, incapacities, risks for placement in a nursing home , financial problems, contact person for support in the eventuality of deterioration etc. The authors note that individual strengths are central and an important consideration in the manner weak elders function in their daily lives, and matter even to the people who form the social network of the client. As an example, the authors discuss about a client…show more content…
Data were analysed qualitatively and coded using the 8 psychosocial themes of Erik Erikson. Categories and sub categories were identified under each theme
The structure of the tool so formed was applied to the new incoming data and modifications were made to accommodate all the themes from the new data ensuring that the final structure accounted for all coded data.
From these qualitative and in depth data, an interview guide created. The guide so generated was lengthy and was abridged. and then somewhat abridged, as a tool for helping case managers, family members, and elder clients come to know the thematic life strengths and values that constitute the core of each elder’s unique sense of self in the world
The abridged interview guide was tested by students of gerontology and case managers, who reported back saying that while the tool was useful, it was too long and took long to administer. The tool was further abridged post this feedback and restricted to 10 open ended questions. A few questions from the guide are given
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