Life Styles And Income Of Individuals And Their Households

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After analysing all the information it appears to me that the life-styles and income of individuals and their households will differ, in particular the gender difference that will arise between men and women. We all understand that paid employment is a major source of every household’s income and the pay that each individual receives is greatly influenced by the type of job. “Gender matters in pay too (Callaghan :2012, p62)” this shows that women in the UK on average are paid less this is due to women are concentrated more on lower paid jobs because men are placed more in senior management position’s while women would be placed more in a secretarial and administrative role. Additional to this, she highlights that there is an increased caring commitment taken by women and is a direct result in the pay gap. The ageing society today does show us that on average women are more likely expected to live longer than men. After considering all these issues, women will have a huge effect on their financial life-course. So in this essay I will discuss all about what financial consequences women could probably face by being paid less than men, living longer and likely to become carers. While the equal Pay Act 1970 and the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 had established the equal pay right for equal work in the UK, data presented by Office for National Statistics (ONS), represents that there are still a considerable difference in way men and women paid - for example, in 2010 men earned an
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