Life Styles Inventory Interpretation Essay

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The Life Styles Inventory Survey is assessed to allow me to answer the question of, “Who am I, and what causes me to act the way that I do.” It gives an insight to one’s personality and an insight as to how we may treat others. By giving my honest opinion of several questions the results are going to give me an insight on how my thinking styles will influence my behavior as a manager and allow me to use the results for self-improvement. My results show that I Research has shown that the styles measured by the LSI are related to a number of indicators of effectiveness and success, including leadership effectiveness, management effectiveness, problem solving effectiveness, quality of interpersonal relations, salary, organizational…show more content…
Within the LSI it listed descriptive words of each style and the words that are associated with the achievement style were very descriptive of me. Words such as, ambitious, achieving, enjoys a challenge, learns from mistakes and corrects, and many others were very accurate. I am all of these things and I strive for being the best and doing it better. An example of this is, in my job, there is training involved and the way that it was done prior to me joining the team was not effective, at least not to me and as mentioned by the clients, neither to some of them. So, I took it upon myself to make it better and I came up with my own documents that would assist the client in learning the new material. I have received very good feedback from it and it is now used by everyone on our team. Not only is this achievement style shown in my work habits, but it is also shown in my day to day life. I love to accomplish and to get things done. Whether, it is beating a game or simply accomplishing a task, of say, painting a room in my house. I tend not to let anything stand in my way of achieving something that I have set forth to do. I can completely agree that this style ranked the highest for me in this survey. My “backup” thinking style, which falls one hour behind my primary, at the 10 o’ clock position, was “perfectionistic.” This style did not rank as high as my primary, but, with a score of 24 out of 40, it still fell pretty high at the 75%

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