Life Styles Inventory (Lsi) Survey

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I GM591- LSI Survey Life Styles Inventory (LSI) Survey GM591 ACC_C Miles DVUC MNHTN Leadership and Organizational Behavior July 22, 2011 Abstract This paper reviews Lifetime Inventory survey results. It is definitely the self discovery tool that has revealed my primary and secondary thinking styles as well as my limiting style that has a negative impact on my management style. It also gave me a feed back of my management styles. It provides me with idea of how my personal thinking was formed and what influence my family or culture or school…show more content…
And all of the styles mentioned above are the key components to successfully follow the four functions of the management that are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. As defined in text book “an effective manager helps others achieve high levels of both performance and satisfaction”(Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, Uhl-Bien, 11th edition, 2010) and thus my survey results perfectly shows my ability of being one. Part III : Genesis of personal life style Family and culture had a great influence on my personal life style like on every person I would think. I grew up with the idea that adult knows everything and is always right ,which turned out totally wrong. Now I realize that it was misunderstanding of respecting the adults. I was raised by the parents who had adopted high authoritarian style and I was always expected to obey rules without questioning them. I think that it had a negative impact on my self confidence but made me very responsible in every aspect of life and work. I could not say “no” to others and had to do what I was expected to. But at the same time I have to mention that individual invents and life time experiences showed me the

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