Life Styles Inventory Paper

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Life Styles Inventory Results Paper Part I: Personal Thinking Styles As revealed by my personal Life Styles Inventory (Figure 1), my primary thinking style and back-up thinking style were Conventional (4 o’clock position) and Affiliative (2 o’clock position) respectively. There are many ways in which both the Conventional thinking style and Affiliative thinking style manifest in my life and work, none of which were all that evident until I explored my personal Life Styles Inventory. As stated in the Life Styles Inventory, my primary thinking style, the Conventional Style “measures our tendency to act in a conforming way…representing a preoccupation with adhering to rules and established procedures, maintaining a low profile, and…show more content…
Part II: Impact on Management Style In relation to the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, it is evident how my personal thinking styles impact the way in which I manage. First and foremost, I think that my Conventional Style of thinking impacts my management styles the most. Although I am conventional in my practices, I am not dogmatic. I understand the importance in not remaining steadfast with something if it is continually not working, and I also understand the importance of being able to adapt to what does work. When it comes to planning and organizing I do like to stick to the rules before anything else. But as mentioned before, I often deviate from those rules if they do not appear to be producing adequate results. I will have to admit that my Conventional Style of thinking does give me comfort in times of great stress, but I do not see that as a negative practice, but more of a practical application to individual differences. Another one of my thinking styles that I feel highly impacts my managing style in relation to planning and organizing is my Achievement-Oriented Style. Although this style was not identified as either my primary or back-up thinking styles, I do believe it plays a large role in my effectiveness as a manager. In
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