Life Styles Inventory: Personal Evaluation

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LSI Evaluation Primary and Backup Thinking Styles The area of the LSI evaluation that I ranked most heavily as a part of was that Humanistic-encouraging style. The fact that this thinking style was my primary one at 75% came as absolutely no surprise to me as people often compliment me on my people skills, and I feel like a I care about others to an incredibly strong and aggravated extent, almost to a fault. I feel energized when I'm encouraging others as I feel that the right encouragement can help people to realize their dreams and their absolute full potential. "The Humanistic-Encouraging scale measures our interest in people, our tendency to care about others, and our ability to encourage them to improve. Humanistic-Encouraging people are accepting of themselves, and accept others for who they are without question or criticism" (LSI, 2011). I've always found that as a manager, I can get the best results out of people, not by criticizing them, but by encouraging them and giving them a ton of positive reinforcement. When people feel like their manager believes in them and has high standards and expectations for them, they are more likely to meet those expectations. "In fact, those scoring higher on this scale have unconditional positive regard for others. This absolute acceptance enables people to grow the most and take greater responsibility for themselves" (LSI, 2011). This sentiment is absolutely true. As a manager, I view it as my absolute responsibility to empower
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