Life Well-Lived Experience

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Life Well-Lived Experience
Andini Effendi

A dear friend couldn’t help to gasp when I uttered my plan on taking two years off from career to pursue master degree abroad. I remember her words vividly, “So you will leave your spot to someone younger, brighter and most probably hotter just like that?” I also remember what was my answer; it was simply “yes.” Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my job. So much love as if I am married to my work. I am the living example of someone whose her passion becomes a profession. For me working it’s like playing. There were never a dull moment. But then I came to a point where I desired something more that would make me feel whole. It was education. I craved so much to broaden my knowledge,
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Along with my dear belittle friend who disapproved my bold move to leave career. Hopefully by then I will be wiser, brainier, and
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