Life Within Prison Walls

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This is common knowledge throughout America and the world. What most citizens don’t know is that within prison walls, there is a lifestyle much different than the life you and I are used to outside of bars. Within the walls of American prisons, the occupants are deprived of many freedoms you and me take for granted. There is not much to do. Many inmates used drugs outside of prison, so there is a high demand to smuggle drugs into the prison system for use by the inmates. The purpose of prison is to rehabilitate prisoners to become productive citizens when their sentences are over. So the question I raise is, how do we stop the flow of narcotics into the system?
There are several ways to hinder the flow of narcotics into the prison system. One effective way would be to have more guards present during visitation hours. One of the only times prisoners have contact with the outside world is when friends or family come to visit. These visitations are often in wide open spaces, with guards present. Security cameras are usually all over prisons, but I think many of them should be concentrated both in the visiting area and in the public entrance of the prison. The inmates only have a limited amount of time with their visitors. Guards should be specially trained to spot signs of a hand off. There should be a large quantity of guards in visiting areas, to deter any potential hand offs of contraband. The more guards…

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