Life Without Limits

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There are some things in life that are out of your control that you can't change and you've got to live with. The choice that we have, though, is either to give up or keep on going. I tell your life is interesting, Life is a JOURNEY. But I tell you there are sometimes in life where you fall down and you feel you don't have the strength to get back up. You see, if you try 100 times to get back up and if you fail 100 times, if you FAIL and you'll going to GIVE UP, do you think that you'll ever going to get up? No. But if you fail and try again? And again and again? For as long as you try there is always that chance of YOU getting up. Does that make sense? And it's not the end until you've given up. And just the fact that
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Life is not always good. Life is not always rosy. Life is worth living when you find purpose. Everything you do, just follow your heart.
If that's who you want to be, if that's what you want to do in life, then walk to it. One day at a time. But I want you to know that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE and if it is impossible for your dreams to come true let's say you want to become a Doctor or a Lawyer and you can't become a Doctor or a Lawyer for some reason, maybe you’re not good in science or in business law and politics. I know somebody who couldn't be a Doctor or a Lawyer. They're doing something now that they actually love to do. See, all things come together for the good. That's how we should be in our life. Not only you and your life, but what about the people around you? You know, if you think that you have no purpose in your life. Let me tell you this. There are several people come up to me and said "RJ, I don't have a purpose. Hindi ko na alam anong gagawin ko sa buhay ko." Let me ask you one thing. If you went through your life full of pain, full of tears and at the end of your life, you actually save somebody's life, is your life worth living? Is the pain worth somebody's life? If you could actually save somebody? Can you imagine? If you actually saw somebody nearly gets run over by a car and you dive and get them out of the way over the car? For instance, an example, would that be worth living? You've saved

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