Life Without Religion Is Meaningless

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As a student of religion I have learnt that religion is an indispensable part of human life. History shows that every religion, it may be revealed or not, has risen in the crucial moment of the human history. According to the Semitic tradition human history has began with Adam and Eve, first prophet in Abrahamic tradition. In Indian tradition, though God is omnipresent but he directly intervened into this world, what we called Avatara, to make a clear distinction between right and wrong. In primitive society also people’s lives were highly motivated with religious affiliation.

In every point of human history, we observe, a common scenario of religious activities is to establish peace. The way of religion to establish peace may be
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Ritual and expectancy: Not all the rituals of primitive people were centered on anxiety. Rituals were also performed to bring health, offspring, productivity of the soil, fertility of cattle, healing from disease, security from natural disasters. Primitive people were more dependable upon ritual to make a secure environment of life.

Myth and Ritual: Rituals also have a basis in myth. Myths shaped life and beliefs of the ancient people. They explained every happening through mythical traditions and gave weight of supernatural origin and authority. Rituals accompanied such traditions and myths. “The fathers taught us to do these things” – saying this they would push back the origins beyond remembered fathers to mythical progenitors.

Magic: Magic may be loosely defined as an endeavor through utterance of set of words, on the performance of set of acts, or both, to control or bend the powers of the world to man’s will. (John B. Noss, The man’s religion, p-13) In primitive age people used three methods of control of power. The first is fetishism. This includes the veneration and use of certain objects into which useful power did not have to be induced, because they were believed to be already there. These are the so-called natural fetishes - the curiously marked pebbles, bones, odd shaped sticks - which seem to bring good fortune and to frustrate the evil
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