Life Working At Crouse Hospital Essay

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Introduction Throughout my short time working at Crouse Hospital on the Antepartum/Postpartum unit, I have witnessed pregnant and postpartum mothers struggling with substance abuse on a recurring basis. While working on this unit, I have had the opportunity to experience some of the best moments in the newborn 's life, such as parents holding their baby for the first time. On the other hand, I have witnessed the heart breaking reality of what the newborn experiences as a result of maternal substance abuse during pregnancy. Sine I started working at Crouse Hospital, there has been a significant increase of infants being born addicted to opioids and therefore having to endure opioid withdrawal. Sadly, many of these infants are born to mothers who have previously delivered an opioid addicted baby; making this a recurring issue. In Onondaga Country, of every 1,000 babies born, 26 babies have drug-related problems and there is an infant born every hour in the U.S. with a drug related issue (NAS, 2016). This being said, the goal of this research project is to provide education to all mothers on the negative consequences of heroin and other opioid use during pregnancy and how this negatively affects the neonate. The purpose of this research project is to present the realities and the struggles that these helpless infants go through as a result of opioid addiction, hoping to decrease the incidence of this highly prevalent issue. Therefore, an increased education needs to be given to

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