Life and Business in the Galapagos Islands

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Business in the Galapagos Islands takes place mainly during lunch hour, as many people are out at midday eating. Restaurants may even be closed at night in rural areas. This is because some serve local food or cater for tourists in larger cities. In more recent decades, fast food restaurants common in America have been drifting over to Ecuador, such as McDonalds. There is also a Chinese community that originated back in the 19th century here. This familiarizes the locals with dishes like fried rich with chicken, which goes by the name chaulafan de pollo. When touring, one may find a variety of fritters and fried dough’s like buhuelos, and other pastries, as street foods are a popular choice. Ecuadorians in the higher valleys of the Andes reply on potatoes as staples in their diets. To spices these potatoes, and other dishes, they use a very hot Andean chili. A sauce seasoned with aji, also containing milk or water is also very common. Varieties on banana are numerous in this country. This allows bananas to be used in many recipes. Other common ingredients include peanuts, peppers, and almonds. A lot of raw fish is also eaten, as well as tamales, soups, and filled pies When touring the islands, one might notice that the food is as unique and varied as the people inhabiting the lands. The culinary traditions are influenced by both the Inea and Spanish conquers of the territory. As the landscapes change, the dishes also change. Many popular lunches include; Ceviche, which is
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