Essay on Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender

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Lavender Motif used throughout the Book: Lavender is a flower of beauty, when spraying the lavender sent is a relaxant to the senses .Harry lavender is the opposite breaking away from the beauty and definition of lavender. Claudia Valentine: Her negative tone towards Sydney shows throughout the book. Quote | Technique | Äs I got out of bed I realised I wasn't the only one in it. There was a good looking blonde in there as well" p.1 | Synecdoche (a figure of speech in which the word for part of something is used to mean the whole). This quote implies masculinity , stereotype of "good looking blonde" , shows Claudia's male attributes in the way she talks and presents herself. | I rephrased the question so as to get an answer that…show more content…
| "Lavender played cat and mouse. Worked on the nerves , seduced the victim into the game.... He was a legend but he was also a man" p.135 | Motif of Cat and Mouse. Hatred Tone towards him. Vulnerability | Harry Lavender: Harry lavender Is shown only threw the memoirs (notes) of Mark Banister. This one example shows How harry lavender was portrayed throughout the book and His distinctive voice was heard even though we did not physically experience meeting him. Quote | Technique | "But it is my body crumbling , not the city. It can never be destroyed , I will grow and spread exactly as I have planned it. They will remember me. Oh yes , they will remember" p.15 | Metaphor relating to himself as the cancer has grown and spread threw his body so will Harry Lavenders Name throughout the city of Sydney. | "Instead of childhood I had history.... The child's mother never Dearing to look towards the loft , wrapping around the child a cloud of invisibility , the cord rupturing in blood then unravelling like whimper as the grey soldiers close ranks behind her" pg41-42 | This quote shows what gave Harry lavender his characteristics of a heartless vulgar man. Watching his mother be murdered at a young age. | "Regrets ? Only one. That I will not live long enough to whiteness and enjoy the full impact of the electronic future." pg134 | Shows no emotion to the murders and crimes that he committed. A heartless selfish man. | Essay Setup: * Quote *
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