Essay on Life and Death in Poetry

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Life and death are two things that we as humans must all face. The road from one to the other, from life to death, is a long and at times, both joyous and painful one. Robert Frost’s poems are a prime example of these times and trials. The poems I chose for this paper highlight them, and with Frost’s allegory, they present a sort of silver lining to the string of dark and dreary words he’s pieced together for these poems. The depressing tone to the poems “Acquainted with the Night”, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”, and “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowing Evening” could be attributed to the death of many of Frost’s family members, and how despite this he overcame it all, and at the end of his life, was a successful writer. These poems to not go…show more content…
I think that the decisions that we make, and that he has made have lead him out of the furthest city lights. The second portion, looking down the saddest city lane, is telling us that the character has seen some very depressing things as the result of his decisions and the decisions of others.
“I have passed by the watchman on his beat And dropped my eyes unwilling to explain.” (Frost)
These two lines give us a much better direction as to where this poem, and whatever situation this poem is about has gone. The character has passed by authority, carrying whatever burden he has on his shoulders, be it legal or illegal, and gone unnoticed. This may not mean a police officer; it could be a parent, a religious figure, perhaps even God, or someone who is supposed to be able to sense the wrongness of this sad, darkened walk.
“Remaining unnamed, the emotion of Frost's poem bridges the gulf between the persona's conception of God and his spiritual capacity” (Murray). The character drops his eyes in shame, unwilling to explain such deeds to them. I believe that this is a good description of how sometimes , though we have made decisions and followed through on them, we are burdened by making them, and even more burdened by their outcome. Shame is too strong of a word to use here. We can compare such a decision to a mother of two children taking a better job. However, though this job offers her more money, she works more than forty five minutes away
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