Life and Leadership of Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was born to Thomas and Nancy (nee Hanks) Lincoln in Sinking Spring Farm, Kentucky on February 12, 1809 in a cabin in the backwoods three miles south of Hodgenville (McPherson). His family lived meagerly with his clothes being fashioned from the skins of animals his fathers shot down. He helped his parents around the house weeding the garden, bringing in firewood and water, gathering wild grapes from the woods, and helping to sow seeds at planting time (Thomas, 2008). Years later when Lincoln was running for Presidency of the United States, a campaign biographer, John Locke Scripps, asked him about his childhood years in Kentucky. Without hesitating, Lincoln replied: "Why, Scripps, it is a great piece of folly to attempt to make anything out of my early life. It can all be condensed into a single sentence and that sentence you will find in Gray's elegy 'The short and simple annals of the poor'" (2008). In the spring of 1811, the Lincoln family moved to a farm in Knob Creek the first home that Lincoln states remembering. There was a trail the Cumberland Trail that ran from Louisville to Nashville close to their farm on which pioneers with wagons and driven livestock headed for the Northwest. There were also peddlers with their wares, preachers, and lines of slaves all tied together following their masters (Thomas, 2008). There were not many slaves that lived around Lincoln's farm mainly because of the sentiment among the Methodists and particular the Baptists,
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