Essay on Life and Times of Alexander the Great

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Life and Times of Alexander the Great Introduction Alexander the great made an impact on world history that few individuals can profess to have done. He ruled all of the known world, and one of the largest empires ever. His men were the first westerners to encounter tales of the Yeti. They even discovered and classified new types of flora and fauna, such as the red mold that grew on their bread while they were in Asia, and made it appear as if it were bleeding. He expanded the Hellenist sphere of influence to the farthest reaches of the globe. When the king of Greece visited the British colony of India around the turn of the century, the colonial government had some native Indian dances displayed for him.…show more content…
Leonidas saw to all of Alexander's education and tutelage in many varied subjects including: writing, geometry, reading, arithmetic, music, archery, horseback riding, javelin, and other types of athletics. Alexander's nursemaid was an endearing gentleman whose name was Lysimachos, who won Alexander's heart at an early age by playing imagination games with Alexander and his playmates: Ptolemy, Harpalos, Nearchos, Hephaistion, and Erigyios. When Alexander reached the ripe old age of thirteen, Philip decided it was time for Alexander to receive a higher education better befitting his young heir. Searching throughout his empire, Philip was lucky enough to find a student of Plato who was at the time unemployed, a young genius named Aristoteles (commonly known as Aristotle). Aristotle's father, Nakimachos, had been Macedonia's court physician, so Aristotle was quite familiar with the area. Aristotle taught Alexander, and sometimes his friends in a rural sanctuary for the nymphs at Mieza. Aristotle actually composed two books, "In Praise of Colonies" and "On Kingship", for Alexander's education. He taught Alexander that other peoples were vastly inferior to the Greeks, and therefore fit for subjugation. Alexander loved Aristotle like his own father as he said himself, "One gave him life, but the other showed him how to live it." During this time , Alexander was involved in a homosexual relationship with Hephastion, a friend he loved dearly. This
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