Life and Work of Sam Shepard

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Student Name Professor Name Class/Section 11 December 2012 Sam Shepard A Review & Summary Sam Shepard has undoubtedly established himself as one of the greatest living American playwrights of this time, if not for the duration of American history. His upbringing and experiences, both before and since his stardom erupted, have shaped his work and how he is perceived and there is a litany of examples of this that can be easily culled and analyzed. This report has several sections. The first section looks at what has shaped Mr. Shepard and what he has become as it pertains to theater and the American lexicon. Second, Mr. Shepard's work known as Buried Child will be compared to another one of Mr. Shepard's works. Third, a look at the script of Buried Child will be under taken. Fourth, the production of Buried Child will be assessed. The report will conclude with a character analysis of a character from Buried Child and this will include some visual research of the same character assessed on the rest of this section. Life of Sam Shepard In looking at what Mr. Shepard experienced growing up, it is not hard to ascertain why he has such a unique and atypical perspective of life and America in general. A son in a military family, he (like most military "brats") moved around a lot. However, the common moves from place to place were fused with an alcoholic father that no doubt intimidated him and made him anxious as a child. The juxtaposition of his dad's career as a military
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