Life as a Vegetarian

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A narrative essay: My (brief) life as a vegetarian When I was growing up, my mother was a fantastic chef. When she didn't cook, I starved, bought take-out or simply microwaved some pizza. I was vaguely aware of a process called 'cooking' that required the assembling of ingredients in a specific way but I never gave it much thought. However, over the past year, I have given more and more consideration to the quality of what I eat and how I eat. It seems every time I pick up the newspaper there is another article about the damage that has been done to our food system and questions about the safety of various food products. It was then I began to contemplate becoming more vegetarian in my eating habits as a way of becoming healthier. A good friend of mine is a vegetarian. She has been one as long as I have known her. It seldom comes up in conversation, except when we are going out to eat as a group. We have to make sure not to order a pizza with meat toppings and not go to a place which has food she cannot eat. At times she has 'flirted' (in her words) with veganism, at which times she will not even eat eggs or cheese. I asked her for advice about trying to improve my diet and she gave me a number of suggestions, spanning from the best places to order vegetarian burgers, to her favorite lunches. The first day I tried vegetarianism was fairly easy. I had a bowl of cereal and milk for breakfast, some fruit for a snack, a cheese sandwich for lunch and veggie pizza for dinner.
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