Life in 50 Years in Three Countries

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It is the year 2056, and China has become the leading superpower in the world. With more wealth, resources, and manpower than many of the other modern countries combined, China dominates the free market and commerce. The Chinese Yuan has become worth almost as much as the American dollar. In the major cities of China, life is streamlined and fast paced. However, life has remained mostly unchanged for the Chinese farmer living out in the country. Though new technology is available, not much of it has reached in the farmer’s small village. Though, with global satellites in place, his family is able to log onto the internet from an old computer. The ability to access the internet provides them with a wider view of the world outside of…show more content…
Everything in her life is interconnected, and she enjoys the benefits of living in a high-tech society. She worries about her health, and goes on and off diets to lose weight she gains from eating too much junk food. Though mostly superficial, she knows that she could suffer from greater health problems if she doesn’t take care of such things when she’s young enough. Her concerns are also about the economy, and her job. Since her company could easily go under without warning, she has to think about what she would do in between jobs. Life in the small country of Ghana, West Africa, has not improved greatly for its people over the last 50 years. Though the country is still one of the top producers of gold and oil, its per capita income has barely increased, even after fifty years. This is due to Ghana’s dependence on foreign trade and international assistance. Much of the people are under the poverty level, and the majority of the country’s workforce is through agricultural privately owned land. For the African parents who live here, it is still very difficult to raise their children, and provide for them. Because the average family in Ghana still has about four children per household, the country cannot keep the growing population fed. Poverty and starvation are on the rise as the rapid population growth outstrips food production and the availability of amenities for all parts of it. The government of Ghana
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