Life in India Versus Life in the United States Essay

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“Life in India and Life in USA” “Why are you going to live with your husband’s parents?” this was asked to me as I was about to enter the United States of America by an immigration officer at the airport. This day when I landed in USA I started to observe the difference between USA and India. If at the same time I would have been in India people would have frustrated me by asking a similar question but with a little difference “Why are you not going to live with your husband’s parents?” … would have been the probable question. In India, mostly families live in a joint environment that is all the children (especially the boys) stay with their parents when they grow-up or get married or have their own children. The thought behind this…show more content…
As I stepped out of the exit door a frigid breeze almost made me an iceberg. I did not feel my hands, legs and it caused pain in my esophagus and ears similar to the pain which I had only experienced when I licked or swallowed ice-candies in India. But this condition was pacified by the “SNOW”. When in India I remember that my family once visited one of the states of India in the Himalayan region to experience snow. During my initial few months over here snow was a pleasure to watch and I didn’t understand the reason for everybody worrying about the snowy days. I felt it needless to worry about so soft, so white, so smooth snow until I had to drive in that not so smooth snow, clean not so soft and white snow and then get exhausted to wait for the so called SPRING. At the beginning of my exploration of this country I was made to taste all kinds of food available here. Though there were limited choices as I am a vegetarian but still I tried every food which was considered delicacies here. Among those were ‘PIZZAS’. Not that I had not had pizza in India but they had an Indian flavor. But when I took the first what is so appealing about this piece of dough with just a citrus sauce for flavor and a lump of cheese to make it tempting. It did not excite my ‘INDIAN TASTE BUDS’ which was accustomed to have different flavors in just one bite of food whether it be sweet, salty, bitter, tangy, spicy. It was not a delicacy for me; neither does it water my mouth since then. Every
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