Life in Kenya Essay

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Life in Kenya 1. Introduction In the past when I would think of Kenya I would think of wild animals, African tribes, and AIDS. When I met Wanjiku an international student from Kenya she told me many things about the culture of her country. I know from talking and working with her that they value friendship and believe in hard work. The people of Kenya have gone though many changes since gaining their independence in 1963. They now have the freedom of speech and religion. Kenya has also increased its educational system by building more schools. Tourism in Kenya has expanded since 1963. People travel to Kenya because it is such a beautiful country and has the most spectacular wild life. I attended African…show more content…
Kenya’s Location and Climate Kenya is situated right along the equator, on the eastern coast of Africa. Its coastal region is southeast, and to the east lays Somalia. Ethiopia is to the north, the Sudan to the northwest, and Uganda directly to the west. The southwestern border of the country is marked by Lake Victoria, and southward lays Tanzania. Kenya’s coastal area is hot and humid tropical region. Beautiful sandy beaches, lagoons and swamps, and patches of rain forest line the coast. Inland, a vast plains area stretches over about three-fourths of Kenya. Its extremely dry climate and generally poor soil support only scattered plant life. The highlands in the southwest receive enough rainfall and offer enough fertile soil to support extensive farming (“Kenya”). 3. Wanjiku Wanjiku is an International student from Kenya. She is different from many of the students that I have met on campus she is older that most she is 33 years old and married with a child. She is from Kerugoya, which is in Kenya. I have learned many things from Wanjiku. She is so willing to share information about her home country. Wanjiku is married to Pharis who is 50 years old and is also from Kerugoya. Their little boy is about a year and half now his name is Mugo. Wanjiku had Mugo in the United States. She had already applied to come to Saint Cloud State University when she found out she was pregnant. Her decision was very difficult as to
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