Life in South Africa Before and After Apartheid 2

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Life in South Africa before and after Apartheid
AIDS in South Africa
1. Why did I choose this topic?
Personal interest
I chose this topic because I find it quite interesting.
My lack of knowledge
I had only heard a little about how many people are infected with AIDS and HIV, and that it’s a problem that there isn’t a way to stop it, but I didn’t knew that much. So I decided it would be a great topic to investigate.
Feeling sorry and wanting to help through more focus on the topic
I feel very sorry for the country, because of the fact that many children and young people are infected with this disease – either by having the disease themselves or somebody in their family having the disease – and it really makes me think it is
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3. AIDS in South Africa
Between 4.9 and 6.6 million are infected
In South Africa between 4.9 and 6.6 million people are infected with AIDS and HIV. The total population in South Africa is 45 million people. That mean that it’s more than 10% of the population, there are infected with this disease.
Why are that many people infected? + What do they know about protection and medication?
One of the main reasons why that many people are infected with this disease is that a high number of the population have nearly no knowledge about it. There is an enormous ignorance about protection and medication. They don’t know how they get it – so many people are having unprotected sex, simply because nobody has told them that it’s a very risky behaviour. And when they have it, they don’t know what it is, and if they do – they don’t know anything about medication, or they don’t have the possibility of getting any.
There are of course some there know something. Newer schools are teaching about AIDS and the consequences about it, but it has for a very long time been a taboo.
Another reason is that the biggest increase in the number of people with AIDS and HIV took place at the same time as apartheid ended so HIV and AIDS were unnoticing spreading while everyone 's attention was on the huge political changing.

4. The consequences of so many people being

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