Life in the Ghettos: Controlling and Segret

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“The Jews were convinced that it couldn’t get any worse. The truth is that, to the very end, every stage was more difficult and more terrible. The dynamics of this development are the essence of horror” (Vashem, 2010). A ghetto is a part of a city where Jews were forced to live in horrendous conditions. Even though a ghetto was a transitional stage, it was still an atrocious place to be. The least of importance is what is ghetto and where did it originate. The term “ghetto” originated from the name of the Jewish quarter in Venice, established in 1516, in which the Venetian authorities compelled the city’s Jews to live (United States United Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2013). The creation of ghettos for Jews in Frankfurt, Rome, Prague, and…show more content…
We got our rations, we got our rations, but the rations were always shrinking you know. From the beginning we got a loaf of bread for, uhh, 8 days and then we got a loaf of bread for 10 days and so on, so we always got less, and less and, uhh, then when you got a portion of bread you just took a slice but you were always hungry, so you went back, don’t forget it is supposed to last you for 8 days, so you took another piece of bread but you still hungry and you says well, just a tiny slice and I will be okay. So food was the most important thing in the ghetto. The food was coming into the ghetto in bulk like flour for baking bread come in, come in bulk. And, uh, they had the bakers in the ghetto. Baker is the best job in the ghetto. Used to be to work in the bakery you had to pull strings to know somebody that could protect you to be able to work in a bakery because you could eat as much as you want you can eat. And some people got sick, for them to get to give to regain their strength to feel better, if you had to pull, you would get a job in a bakery. (Merrick, 2008) Not only was the life in a Ghetto difficult, it was also excruciating to survive in. The greatest of importance was how people survived in ghettos. The Jews were only permitted to take a few personal items with them to the ghetto, in the process being stripped of

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