Life in the Henry Horner Homes

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Life in the city of Chicago can seem more like a curse than a gift. The residents of this public housing only experience brief instance of true joy before the reality that is their lives come crushing back down on them. There Are No Children Here shows first hand experience of the hardship of Americans and the wreckage, that is urban life. Throughout the story we focus on two major characters; 10 year old LaFayette, and 7 year old Pharoah, as they struggle to beat the odds against them and the struggles of growing up in one of Chicago's worst housing projects. Living in a family that is not strong financially adds to the many stressful problems that the boys must face daily. Their mother is depends solely on welfare, a father who abuses alcohol and drugs, an older sister, older brother and younger triplets. Alex Kotlowitz describes the horrendous conditions of the poorly-maintained housing project completely taken over by gangs, where murders and shootings happen daily, where you guard must always be up in order to survive. The book tracks Pharoah and LaFayette over a two year period which touches on all of the struggles they deal with in school, mourning the deaths of close friends, resisting the temptations of gangs and still find enough courage to find that quiet, inner peace, that most outside this life for granted. Alex Kotlowitz has a magnificent way of portraying “ghetto life”; those who are outside the…

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