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Life is full of challenges. In the stories, “Breaking Through Uncertainty-Welcoming Adversity” and “Neighbours,” written by Jim McCormick and Lien Chao, the main characters illustrate benefits derived from taking risks. Even though both people in these texts undergo personal challenges, in “Neighbours” the character, Sally, receives greater benefits from taking risks than McCormick in “Breaking Through Uncertainty-Welcoming Adversity”. Fear is a part of life, however, how we face it is what makes each of us unique. In the story, “Breaking Through Uncertainty-Welcoming Adversity”, McCormick faces a fear of death. Although he is a very experienced jumper, one day, the lines of his parachute twisted and caused him to spiral down out of…show more content…
Sally takes a big risk immigrating to Canada. She leaves her relatives, culture, and language behind in China. Sally meets a kind elderly couple, Elizabeth and Joe who invite her to their apartment for a cup of tea and watch the fireworks. They are generous and even offer her a free refurbished vacuum. However, the conversation becomes stressful for Sally when Joe judges single mothers in his apartment building, “ ‘Do they know it’s their responsibility to educate their kids? Especially, some of them don’t even go to work, they live on welfare’ “ (38). Although Sally could have simply ignored Joe’s comments, she “decides to take a chance” (39). This is a significant moment in the text because Sally risks losing her friends and being misunderstood. This is a very fearful situation for an immigrant living in another country because it can make her feel isolated. In response, Sally tells Elizabeth and Joe that she is divorced and single mother. In regards to single mothers in general, “Perhaps the single mothers in your building have circumstances you don’t know about. Perhaps they are struggling against their personal crises. Perhaps they need advice, just as I did with the vacuum cleaner” (42). Taking risks is a scary situation for anyone. McCormick faced his “dragon”, overcame self-doubt, and renewed

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