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1) Investigate the 360 feedback system as a performance evaluation tool. List key advantages and problems associated with this method. 360 degree feedback system as a performance evaluation tool as long as the understanding of its intent is understood. “There are three key steps in the successful implementation of 360 degree feedback systems in an organization. The three steps are that it must fit the organizations culture, make it psychometrically sound, and used with care” (“Best Practices”, 2012). It is also important to train the feedback providers to be sensitive, respectful and polite. Treating employees in a friendly and respectful manner and offering constructive advice will make them more open to accepting the performance…show more content…
The personality that is portrayed by Alex is that he is the best and no one can do it better. This type of personality causes a problem in communication and has a negative effect on stakeholder and other members of upper-management. Understandably his direct supervisor, Sam Glass wants to keep Alex on his team because of his performance of meeting the project goals and finishing them on time and in budget. Unfortunately Glass is receiving negative comments from his colleagues over Alex’s negative personality when dealing with members of the organization. 4) If you were Alex’s boss, what action would you take based on the 360 feedback and your overall assessment of Alex? As Alex’s immediate supervisor I would schedule a meeting to discuss and review the 360 feedback on this project. By scheduling a meeting this would establish that there is a necessity for changes to be made in his project management skills. After reviewing the 360 feedback system I would make several suggestions to Alex Sanders on the results of the responses made. First I would explain to Alex that this was not a meeting to criticize his work ethic but to give insight on ways to improve his project management skills. I would explain to Alex that the company believes in his ability to accomplish projects and that is why he was given the opportunity to be the project manager over two very important projects simultaneously. I would reiterate Alex’s

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