Life of Anita Brookner and Analysis of Her Book 'Falling Slowly'

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Anita Brookner was born in 1928 to Jewish parents in London (Literature Essays). Brookner has remarked that being Jewish had an impact in her life, in that she always felt like an outsider to Londoners, even though she was herself a Londoner, that being Jewish created some invisible, but visible line between herself and her peers (Book Rags). It is because of this reclusiveness and separateness that Brookner has stated that "I write out of a sense of powerlessness and injustice, because I felt invisible and passive (Literature Essays). During Brookner's childhood her family was involved in a network of families harboring Jewish refugees during the Nazi invasion, which had a great influence on her adolescence (Literature Essays). Brookner went on to go to college and eventually earn a PhD in art history, and for the beginning half of her life was a well known and respected art historian on 18th and 19th century French art (Literature Essays). Brookner did not actually begin her fiction writing career until 1981, when she was 53 years old with her debut novel A Start in Life, and thereafter published approximately one novel a year, ending in the most recent novel Strangers in 2009, which would make Brookner 81 at the time of its release (Wikipedia). Falling Slowly was published in 1998, and Brookner would have been 70 years old; Falling Slowly follows the same themes and same type of protagonists as the rest of her novels then and since (Wikipedia). Many of Brookner's

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