Life of Black

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Life of Black “Liberating Christ” is a critique of Langston Hughes, “On the Road” by Carolyn P. Walker. Hughes uses barely over 1000 words to narrate his story. His great skills of using metaphor, symbolism and imagery are some of few techniques of his great work. Hughes uses nature to express Sargeant’s refusal to participate in life. In Liberating Christ, Walker’s says Hughes has done serious criticism of racial discrimination. There were few other points we will be looking into oppression, anger and hardship and how all of those are put together to overcome racial barriers. To describe Racism between black and white, Hughes uses snow, dark, two doors, dark and light. All these to describe how Sargeant is discriminated and…show more content…
When he looked up, the snow fell into his eyes. For the first time that night he saw the snow” (Hughes, 208). So there was oppression the whole time, he didn’t realize it was snowing because snow was oppression. The other things being hungry, cold, tired, hopeless he forgot that it was snowing. When he realized it was snowing and the snow fall on him he fought against it, he showed his anger; “He shook his head. He shook the snow from his coat sleeves” (Hughes, 384). During that time he felt completely lost. Later on the anger expression pops in again, when the church doors are not open, he starts banging on the door to the point he knocks the door out “he gave another lunge at the door. And the door broke open” (384). So we can see there is anger because of being hungry, tired and sleepy. This we can always relate to outside in real life, whenever we do not get something or something wrong happens or we are not accepted in he society we get angry too. And we look forward to have some help and mercy from the God. Another great point can also be noticed that even the God is with Sargeant. The God; Jesus Christ from the white folk’s church when Sargeant hold on to the pillar and the whole church breaks down “the whole thing fell down, covering the cops and the people with bricks and stone and debris” (385). The stone and everything falls on the white
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