Life of Constantine

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May 6, 2013
Dr. Kletter
Eusebius : Life of Constantine The Life of Constantine, written by Eusebius of Caesarea (260-339 C.E) is a story written in the memory of Constantine the Great. The tone somewhat seems to be giving high praise to Constantine commenting on the deeds of Constantine. Kevin Reilly states, “The emperor’s historian Eusebius recognized both the importance of the emperor and the role of the empire in the success of Christianity in the winning the Roman Empire”(246). Eusebius who is also called Eusebius of Caesarea and Eusebius Pamphili was a Roman Historian and Christian Polemicist. He later became the Bishop of Caesarea in Palestine. He wrote other things besides the Life of Constantine. He wrote other
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Constantine researched on emperors before him and saw reasons for their demise with a dishonorable end. Worshipping multiple gods had led to the downfall of the ones who led before him. Reilly states, “While engaged in enquiry, the thought occurred to him that of the many emperors who had preceded him, those who had rested their hopes in a multitude of gods, and served them with sacrifices... had met with an unhappy end” (248). However, the one whom he had realized to his provider and Shelter and the successful one among most was his father who served one supreme being. Reilly says, “While one alone, Constantine’s father who had pursued an entirely opposite course, who had condemned their error and honored the Supreme God during his whole life had found him to be Saviour and Protector of his Empire. and the giver of everything good” (248). Proceeding this decision to honor his Father’s god alone, he prayed for this god to show him a sign of who this God was. With this prayer, came from the skies, the trophy of a cross which was used as a safeguard when going into war with his enemies as well their sign that was made of gold and precious stones (249). Later on he had enquired about what this sign was. He was eager to know what the vision was that God has gave him. He was informed that this vision meant he was God and this sign was one of immortality. He was also
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