“Life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave” Essay

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The narrative essay of the “Life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave” describes personal accounts Paul experienced as a slave. Cruel and unjust treatment done to him by his masters gave him to a strong desire to learn how to read and write in any possible way by being resourceful and be determined to learn. However, Douglas expressed “I would at times feel that learning to read had been a curse rather a blessing” and “I envied my fellow slaves for their stupidity” (4); wherein he regrets learning and he also illustrated why he considered knowledge as a curse because he learned about freedom did not benefit him at all. In my case, I can also say I regret some things I learned in the past that I know would made me happier if I did not…show more content…
He envied his fellow slaves for not knowing the idea of being free because it tormented him mentally trying to be free. His fellow slaves were content serving their masters and they had a peace of mind which Douglas could not have, especially when he read a book about slaves. This proves that knowledge is not beneficial for Douglas because he was hoping one day he could have a chance to enjoy the world and being a master of his own life made him feel the pain and anguish that it is unreachable. I can relate to Frederick Douglas’ philosophy in “Knowledge is a curse” because I have experiences that confirms his belief. I wish I never learned how to play computer games and learn science, which contradicts my beliefs in God. Technology is seen everywhere and our society looks at it from different angles, whether good or bad. Technology helped me to have an easier life, but at the same time it made me regret that knowing technology could ruin my life. I learned how to play computer games when I was young and it had a negative impact to me. I became addicted to playing computer games. I was lazy when it comes to household chores and doing my homework, wherein my grades suffered a lot. It also affected my health because I always stay up late just playing computer games. This verifies that knowledge is not always valuable. I felt depressed because I knew if I had not learned how to play computer games, my life
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