Essay on Life of Galileo Scene 7

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Life of Galileo, Scene 7: Brecht delineates the important episodes of the life of Galileo Galilei. The main matter of his life was the conflict between him and the Church. The church ultimately did shut him up but Galileo was still adamant to send his theory wherever he could. He wanted every person in the marketplace to know what he had discovered. And that is why in the very beginning when he faked the telescope he had allowed anyone and everyone who wanted to see the telescope to come and see it. Nicholas Copernicus gave a theory that he earth and the planets revolve around the sun. No one believed him and thought that his theory was not sensible enough. But Galileo through his experiments proved the Copernican theory to be…show more content…
She is worried how she looks so she asks her father who says she looks just fine and her fiancée says that all eyes would be on her that night and she will become famous because of that. This act was just to show a little romance between them. Virginia after leaving the room comes back to tell her father that he is a famous man because her hair dresser knew who he was. Galileo tells a secretary that he is waiting for His Eminence, The Cardinals. Then the first secretary whilst playing chess and with Galileo around is constantly talking about the new theory but in terms of chess. Galileo says that now a days there has been invented new styles of chess but people are still playing the old cramped one, and he says that pieces should be moved all around the board and rule not just the coastline or the start line but rule the whole board. What he means here is that Romans should not follow up with the old system of Universe anymore. A new theory has been discovered and it comes with proof. People shouldn’t just sit back and think that what has been going on is definitely what’s right, just because their elders think so. Galileo wants the people to move about and come up with new discoveries and theories because he believes that it’s not always what the past world has been saying. The first secretary, in reply says that we can’t afford to come up with new theories as it requires a lot of money and status. Then he makes a small move to demonstrate what he’s about and
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