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The Life and Teachings of Jesus 1. Why was Israel so full of unrest at the time of Jesus ' birth? Israel was unrest from taxation, disrespect to local tradition and culture, the mounting religious tensions, the general wish to be free and self ruled, and the negative response to the Roman military presence which grew. 2. What were some of the expectations of those who thought they lived in the "end times"? They expected that the Romans would be destroyed and they would no longer be oppressed and face destruction. They also believed that God would build a powerful kingdom on Earth. 3. Describe traditional teachings surrounding the birth of Jesus. A traditional teaching surrounding the birth of Jesus is the Christmas Story.…show more content…
The eagle and scribe were some symbols that were used in John. 3. Why were the Epistles written and what are their general themes? The Epistles were written by the leaders to encourage followers or churches. Some were written to warn or chastise them. The general themes of the Epistles were the Jewish Christians, the Gentile Christians, and the Gnostic Christian movement. The Christian Canon 1. Why is interpretation of the Christian Bible such a serious and controversial matter? The interpretation of the bible is serious because it is the one source of God 's words. Many people may twist and bend its words to suit their own situations. The Christian Worldview 1. Discuss the Christian view of Jesus Christ. The Christian view of Jesus is that he is the main focus of attention and worship. He is said to be the savior, son of God the Father, and God himself. 2. What are the functions of the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit has many functions. He is involved at every point of development in a Christian 's walk with God. The Holy Spirit convicts of sin. The Holy Spirit bears witness of your salvation. 3. Explain the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is three person in one God. The 3 persons are: The Father, The Son, Jesus Christ; and The Holy Spirit. 4. Describe the Christian view of human life. God is the creator of all life and that life begins at

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