Life of Mikhail Gorbachev

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Research Paper on Mikhail Gorbachev Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Research Paper on Mikhail Gorbachev Mikhail Gorbachev has gained adequate fame because he was the last and the first founding president of the USSR republic. As a leader, he acted in a new era of history without the need for past theoretical support. As the first president of USSR, Gorbachev transformed the Soviet Union from socialism to another political regime. He transitioned the economy of USSR from a planned centralized economic system towards a free market economy leading to increased competitive trade. In the history of the Soviet Union, no political leader had dealt with such turmoil. The country was headed towards an uncertain future. Studies indicate that Gorbachev was essential in both domestic and global affairs (Gorbachev, 19b). People across the world have continued to debate and argue about the controversies surrounding his achievements and roles. In USSR, the populations blamed Gorbachev the economic misery and collapse of the Soviet Union in the course of adapting to the new free market economy. Therefore, most populations of the Soviet Union believe that Gorbachev introduced negative governance in USSR. At the same time, he has been applauded for his role in leading the collapse of the Berlin Wall, bringing the cold war to a halt and German unification. In my view, Gorbachev has made significant contributions towards the end war between the west and the east more than any leader
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