Life of Pi Active Reading Journal Chart (Part 1)

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Cues: Credibility of the NarratorLines (Quotes) | Reflections / Reactions | Conclusion: Do these lines enhance or detract from the credibility of the narrative voice. | “In the spring of 1996, my second book, a novel, came out in Canada. It didn’t fare well.” | The context of the writer presents him as a poor and previously unsuccessful writer. He must produce a good story in order to make a living. | This detracts the credibility of the narrator by suggesting that the writer is quite desperate for a story in order to make money. It makes it seem like he is travelling to India as a last ditch effort to save himself financially, which to me makes him less credible. | “I had already moved on to another story, a novel set in Portugal in…show more content…
| “Most times the stories were little more than anecdotes, short of breath and short of life.” | This line shows me that the author, while desperate, is not oblivious to the quality of the tails that random strangers will throw at him. He could just as easily used one of these lifeless stories and wrote a book based on it, but he knows better. | This enhances the credibility of the narrator by showing me that he still has a standard for quality despite his desperateness. It makes the narrator more trustworthy by indicating to me that I am at least getting a story that the author himself thought was worth the effort to write about. | “Any inaccuracies or mistakes are mine.” | I have mixed feelings about this line. It first indicates that the author is taking full responsibilities for any faults, which suggests that he is confident in the quality of his book. On the other hand, it could also be taken as a warning that there will indeed be inaccuracies and mistakes. | This enhances the credibility of the narrator by presenting him as a person who is willing to accept criticism for his mistakes rather than pushing it to the original teller of the story. The acknowledgement of responsibility also indicates to me that the narrator is also confident that there will be no mistakes in his recount, as he will not do so openly had there been lots of errors.

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