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Discuss the importance of believability in this novel. In Yann Martel’s surreal novel, ‘Life of Pi’, views the measure of how an individual uses their intrinsic knowledge to face up to life’s riveting challenges. Martel portrays the protagonist, Pi Patel, as an individual who explores his own intrinsic identity through imagination, religion & faith as well as the fundamental difference between fact and fiction. Throughout the text, Martel, attempts to question the readers understanding of believability and how we construct reality through the unconventional structure shaped by Yann Martel. Evidently, discussing the importance of fulfilment in faith as well as the importance of truth in our everyday lives, through the eyes of Pi Patel.…show more content…
Pi loves the stories within each religion as they ‘sustain’ him to always look for more stories told in Hinduism, Christianity and Islam as they’re all enjoyable than the ‘dry, yeastless factuality’ in everyday life. Pi as well finds atheism and science as great stories since followers in these ways have something to believe in, compared to those who choose ‘doubt as a philosophy of life.’ Martel creates a sense of feeling to the audience that agnostics who cannot make a ‘leap of faith’ in either direction are like readers who cannot appreciate the non-literal truth a fictional story might provide. As fiction helps us get closer get closer to grasping universal truths and the significance of religion within Martel’s novel is just like that of fiction: both use metaphor, allusion and hyperbole to help us understand and live with the realities of human existence. Martel creates unimaginable elements to stretch the readers’ belief, to the point in which he forces us to construct our own form of reality. He illustrates that one story can signify hope and determination to survive and the other story presents a dark tragedy in its own sense. Through storytelling, Martel creates the character of Richard Parker, who to the audience at first is a ferocious, violent ‘450 pound’ Bengal tiger. Ironically, the presence of Richard Parker gave Pi a reason to fight on and proceed to the finish line with the achievement of beating what to most was the inevitable thought of

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