Life of Pi

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Everyone makes choices in their daily lives. People make easy choices and tough choices. While making an easy choice, one of the options can be manipulated whereas while making tough choices, few things are gained and few things are lost. For instance, if a person loves his family and friends and if he has to make a choice between his family and friends, he would lose one of the options after making a choice. If the person chooses family, he will lose friends. If he chooses friends, he will lose his family. This is an example of a tough choice. Making a tough choice will always result in a loss. Therefore, one’s loss or gain depends on his/ her choice. In the novel, Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, the protagonist of the story, Pi, also makes a few choices and loses some valuable things in his life. In the novel, Pi is a sixteen year-old Indian boy stranded on a lifeboat with a Royal Bengal Tiger, Richard Parker, in the Pacific Ocean who is trying to find a way to reach the shore. Firstly, Pi loses his entire family when the ship, Tsimtsum, sinks in the ocean. This loss is a result of the choice that Pi has made because he chooses to explore the ship instead of staying with his parents and his brother. Secondly, loss that resulted from Pi’s choice is his tradition. This can be said because Pi kills a fish for food even though he does not eat meat. Thirdly, Pi loses his view of the world as a safe place. His change is seen when he tries to train the tiger. Although Pi loses
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