Life of Pi

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February 8th 2011 Mrs.Por ENG 2D1 World Religions In Life of Pi In the book Life of Pi the author Yann Martel wrote about a young boy named Pi Patel surviving on a lifeboat by himself. Throughout the entire book Pi was very close to religion and in the end his religions were the main reason he had survived. At the start of the book Yann Martel introduces three religions, Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism. There are three main points that aided in Pi’s survival. One being that Pi was open to religions and started to follow the Islamic faith. The second reason is that Islam believed that one should pray five times a day, and Pi did exactly this. The last reason is that the religion…show more content…
Late afternoons to early evenings: Prayers. Sunset: prayers. Night: Prayers.” (211). While on the raft Pi praying as often as he did helped him keep faith in his survival and his life. If he was not constantly thinking of God and keeping God close to him, Richard Parker would have replaced God and Pi most likely would have ended up committing suicide. In him having faith in God and his survival, it gave him an extra push and more determination to survive for 227 days alone in the pacific on a life boat. One of the beliefs that closely relates to Life of Pi is the Islamic view on suicide. Islam believes that suicide is strictly forbidden and the Qur’an (religious text of Islam) clearly states “Do not kill yourselves as god has been to you very merciful.” While on the lifeboat Pi is faced with very harsh thoughts for such a young boy, suicide. On the pacific Pi says “During the long, cold dark hours, as the pattering of the invisible rain got to be deafening, and the sea hissed and tossed me about, I held onto one thought : Richard Parker. I hatched several plans to get rid of him so that the lifeboat might be mine.” (174). This quote shows that Pi had come up with seven ways to kill Richard Parker or depending on how one interprets the story, himself. Although he thought up of seven ways here are two ways that Pi thought of “Plan number two: kill him with the six morphine syringes. But I had no idea what effect they would have on him. Would they be

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