Life of Pi - Pi's Physical Journey of Suffering and Pain Essay

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In Pi's 227 days of being stranded in the sea, he has had many problems that have

caused physical suffering and pain. However Pi has been able to overcome his adversities

and has shown his endurance through suffering and continuing to survive. In this novel,

the author makes a very close connection between Pi's physical suffering and his mental

suffering. Pi shows that as long as you are able to live through mental suffering, you are

capable of living through physical suffering. When you have conquered your mental

struggle, you have the courage to take on your physical struggle with out fear. Pi's

physical journey of suffering and pain was a test to his mental knowledge and inner


One of Pi's
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Pi's experiences have taught him that the

vastness of life and he realizes that god is there to look after him and help him handle his


Lastly, the struggle of Pi with the blind Frenchman shows his moral courage that

keeps him alive. When the blind Frenchman attacks Pi and tries to kill him, Pi does not

try to hurt him back instead he tries to warn him. This can be seen in the quotation "my

heart is with you, but I must urgently suggest we repair to another part of the ship". This

shows Pi's moral courage because it shows his appreciation of life God has given. He

shows his moral courage by trying to save the life of the blind Frenchman and letting him

live. This helps him endure physical pain because whenever he thinks of giving his life

up, he uses his moral strength to not easily give up the life God has given.

Therefore, we can see how Pi's physical journey of suffering and pain was a test

to his mental knowledge and inner courage. Pi uses his physical courage, mental courage

and moral courage to enable him to survive through his hardships. He is a good example

of how with knowledge and courage, you go through any obstacle and survive.

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