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Pi's survival can be put down to one simple thing, his trust in god. Discuss. Canadian author Yann Martel portrays Pi as such a strong-minded human being in his novel ‘Life of Pi’, the story shows that Pi’s hunger to survive gets him through the whole ordeal of being stranded at sea. But one can argue that his trust in God; that is, his beliefs and spirituality for three religions (Hinduism, Islam & Christianity) isn’t the only thing that helps him whilst he trapped at sea. His youth in Pondicherry is what prepares Pi for survival at sea in many ways; he tends to become reliant with the prior knowledge he has received in his earlier stages of life, this is what brings about his personal qualities. Pi also learns diverse skills whilst …show more content…
The moment he finds the survival kit on the lifeboat he feels reassuring bliss, “to the gurgling beat of my greedy throat, pure, delicious, beautiful crystalline water flowed into my system (p.142)”, after three days water is surely more than an experience. He developed skills which were essential; to gather rain water and also distil sea water from the use of the solar stills. He felt the utmost defeat repugnance in himself, this point was reflected as he mentioned, “A life time of peaceful vegetarianism stood between me and the wilful beheading of a fish”, he didn’t want to but he knew he had to in order to survive. The fact that he had ‘tears flowing down his cheeks’ represented how terrible it made him feel. He felt like a killer from being a ‘sixteen years old, a harmless boy, bookish and religious’ to having ‘blood on his hands’ was a terrible burden for him to carry. Pi admitted it himself “It is simple and brutal: a person can get used to anything, even to killing”, that is he got used to killing fish and turtles so he could survive.
Pi’s imagination was quite intricate, the power of his imagination could be a key element for his survival, whether one chooses to believe the first version of his story or not. It shows how much thought he must have put into the story regardless of whether it’s true. Pi had to deal with so much during his survival period that he felt the need to forget all the horrid memories he experienced by replacing humans

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