Life of Saint Ambrose Essay

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Saint Ambrose of Milan
“Sanctity is development of initial grace which God gives in the first place; it is a process.” The saints are our examples in living our Christian faith into our lives. They lived their lives in conformity with the will of God. These people are also like us who endure the difficulties and challenges of becoming a true authentic disciple of Jesus Christ. “Saints are not born; they’re made from a lifetime of processing in the Spirit.” All of us can become saints they are just ordinary people like us but their faith makes them extraordinary and by practicing and living the teachings of God in their day to day lives. The saints are our models of holiness and virtues into our lives as a pilgrim in this
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Ambrose of one of the fathers of the Church was born in Gaul around 334. His father was the prefect of Gaul. He received the name Aurelius Ambrose, as derived from the gems of his mother to which his mother belong and the second is his father..His father also named Ambrose was Praectorian Prefect of Gaul; he was a Christian and one of the most highly placed officers of the Empire. He was the third child in the family, a sister Marcelina, and a brother Satyrus having been born before him. There was a story when he was a child. One day when Ambrose was still an infant, the nurse who was watching his cradle in the court of the prefect’s palace was astonished to see a swarm of bees swoop down and rest upon his eyes and lips of the sleeping child. Frightened, she called to some of members of the household who were walking at a little distance. They came, and Ambrose’s father and mother, and even his sister Marcellina, saw the bees enter and leave the mouth of the child without disturbing him. The bees then flew off and were lost in the blazing sun, as Ambrose’s father exclaimed. “This child is destined for great things.” This story of Ambrose symbolizes the future eloquence as a bishop of the Milan and his deeds in the leading the sheepfold of the Church. It shows the important role of St. Ambrose in the Church as a father and servant to God and to His people during his time.
The father of St. Ambrose died in a battle. After the
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