Life of a Correctional Officer Essay

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Life of a Correctional Officer Nancy Booker CRJ:303 Corrections Instructor Name: Yolanda Tilley August 31, 2012 CORRECTIONAL OFFICER 2 Life of a Correctional Officer Correctional Officers are very important people and they perform very important duties. An correctional officer job can become very demanding and on top of that it can be very stressful. Just like police officer. Correctional Officers takes a change each day they are at work and they never know what happen that’s why they have to be point each day they arrive to work. Correctional Officers play a very vital role in the criminal justice field. Their jobs are very dangerous when dealing with inmates that are in jail and prisons. ”The…show more content…
There are several different categories an correctional officer an be assigned to. This is what a day of being an officer consist of. 1. Living units- which is when officers are assigned to housing areas. 2. Work detail supervisors-which is supervision of inmates in work detail. 3. Industrial shop and school offices-these officers render security and are accountable for inmates while they are in those departments. 4. Yard officers patrol and supervise inmates movement while they are on the yard of the prison. 5. Administration building assignments- these are officers that check in visitors and manage the control center. Last, but not least are perimeter security and relief officers. They make sure that the perimeter around the prison is secure. Relief officers are there to relief officers and to help with officers who are sick and have to call- in for that day. Each officer is assigned to post order which is “the detailed description of the activities that are required to be performed throughout the day, often including the time hey are to occur” (Seiter, 2011). CORRECTIONAL OFFICER 4 Lets take a look at the schedule of an correctional. When an officer first reports to work at 7am officers come in and read their logbook to see what there jobs are going to be. At 7:30am the officers open up prison doors for ten minutes so that he
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