Life of a Correctional Officer

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LIFE OF A CORRECTIONAL OFFICER CRJ: 303 Corrections 17 March 2013 Abstract The life of a correctional officer is something that is easily over looked. Not understanding or knowing the intricate details that go into what it actually takes to coexist with incarcerated inmates is one of the reasons that the general public is able to go about their daily lives, not thinking or wondering how those inmates are controlled. Correctional officers have one of the hardest jobs on the planet, having to work with prison inmates on a daily basis and not knowing when something may happen that could endanger themselves or their fellow correctional officers. Keywords: daily, corrections, life, officers, policies, The life of a correctional…show more content…
Some of the Correctional Officer functions are, to enforce and keep order, they supervise activities of inmates, aid in rehabilitation and counseling of offenders, routinely search inmates for contraband items, and often report on inmates conduct on a day to day basis. While the daily duties of a correctional officer can truly be viewed as the proverbial “daily grind”, they often have to perform these prison duties while dealing with stressful and often times very dangerous situations. While most of us on the outside world try to make a routine day more enjoyable, routine for the correctional officers within the prison is not a negative thing in the least, as a routine day is very important to the successful operation of a correctional facility. “Routine in a prison environment is the consistent, scheduled, and expected activities that make up the day within a prison” (Seiter, 2011). The daily grind for correctional officers include specific assignments that can be anything from supervising inmates on a work crew or in a housing area to a non-inmate contact job in a tower or control center. Some of the different categories of correctional officers’ assignments include living units, work detail supervisors, industrial shop and school officers, administration building
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