Life of a Deaf Person

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In this society, people try to understand other types of cultures and groups, however, that does not always happen. There are people who have many misconceptions and others that just make stereotypes about a group. People are being misjudged because of all the stereotypes being made. Misconceptions and stereotypes are two different terms. However, both are direct to a certain group. Every person sees a group differently, that is why there are many stereotypes and misconceptions. Men and women have different points of view, resulting in different kinds of stereotypes. Deaf people are perceived as people who need to get “fixed”, who are not capable of anything, and who are freaks. There are many stereotypes of different groups and cultures.…show more content…
I never was segregated into a deaf classroom. My friends, in general, I would say treated me pretty good—with the exception of the cochlear implant which was really obvious. Then the remarks started to come. They called me a freak. They said I was strange. They'd say, what's that? Is it really part of your body?’" Many hearing people see deaf people as freaks just because of the life customs. Hearing people can be more polite because even though deaf people cannot hear, they still have feelings. Deaf people go through a lot of bad experiences because of the insults, stereotypes, and misunderstandings of hearing people. There are others ways deaf people were bothered. Not every hearing person understands the communication style of a deaf person. When asked, “Have you ever been misunderstood by a hearing person? If so, how?” Everett Glenn said, “Absolutely! Plenty of time. We have different primary languages so when we communicate with each other, the confusion bound to happen. It happens often when I use gestures to try to communicate with them...Even when hearing people learned how to sign and it's common for them or for me to misunderstand because they are new to some signs or misunderstand the meaning of my comments because lack of “understanding body language such as facial expression/posture" which is relied highly by Deaf community.” Sign language means everything to deaf people. So when hearing people do not understand the signs, deaf people are seen as weird.
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