Life of a Sensuous Woman and A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

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Ihara Saikaku’s Life of a Sensuous Woman written in the 17th century and Mary Woolstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman written in the 18th century are powerful literary works that advocated feminism during the time when women were oppressed members of our societies. These two works have a century old age difference and the authors of both works have made a distinctive attempt to shed a light towards the issues that nobody considered significant during that time. Despite these differences between the two texts, they both skillfully manage to present revolutionary ways women can liberate themselves from oppression laden upon them by the society since the beginning of humanity.

In Saikaku’s story Life of a Sensuous Woman, he
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One can see her act as a liberating step toward following ones own heart and not give into others expectations. Even in today’s society women are frightened of being judged by others, and pressured by what is considered norm. They are forced to give in to what is expected of them by their family, friends, and society. They are expected to get married by a certain age, marry with what society considers a qualified husband who is well educated and earns a good living, and have children by a certain age. Her act encourages women everywhere to give their own desire a chance instead of giving into the society’s norms.

The strong main character of Saikaku’s story continues to exhibit the power a woman can hold as her saga continues. Landing the spot as a Mistress for the Domain Lord while setting her own conditions without having to compete with others exhibits the eloquent use of her skills that enable her to get what she wants (Saikaku 598). One can only be awed by her ability. While everyone is competing to land the spot on the terms of the Domain Lord; she not only manages to land the spot but also manages to set her own condition (talk about girl power). Bearing in mind this story was written when women’s voices were muffled by the male dominated society, one couldn’t imagine a woman having the power of setting her own rules that also while seeking an employment. It speaks a volume towards empowering
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