Life of a Serial Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer

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His parents tried to employ a private tutor for him, but the tutor did not succeed. The same year his parents began attending counseling sessions to try to resolve their differences and protect their marriage, but the counseling was eventually unsuccessful and they divorced. Jeffrey graduated from high school in May of 1978 and a few weeks before he graduated, one of his teachers noticed him near the parking lot drinking multiple cans of beer. After the teacher threatened to expose the matter, he claimed that he was experiencing many difficulties at home and the counselor at the school knew it. His mother was awarded custody of his brother David, and moved out to live with her family. At this time Jeffrey had turned 18, and was legally an adult, and was left to fend for himself. Jeffrey committed his first murder in 1978 when he was 18 years old, three weeks after he graduated from high school. By then he was living in the family house alone due to his parent's divorce. He would lure youths to his house to keep him company while he was drinking. Steven W. Hicks, a hitchhiker that Jeffrey picked up along the road, agreed to accompany him to his house for drinks, not knowing that he would become Jeffrey Dahmer's very first victim. After several hours of drinking, Hicks was ready to go home, but Jeffrey wanted him to stay (Davis, 1991). Jeffrey later struck Hicks from behind using a dumbbell as he sat on a chair. Hicks fell unconscious and Jeffrey strangled him to
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