Life of a Teenager

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The Effects of Teenage Relationships Different relationships affect teenagers in various ways. Friends impact teenagers almost the same amount as their parents. Teenagers go to their friends for help or to ask questions that they could not ask their parents about. Most of the time their friends give them good advice but then there is the down side when they put pressure on their friends to do something like to smoke, drink, and do drugs. In most cases they tell their friends how to dress and act when around certain people. Love relationships just make it even harder for a teenager to get a good education. Some start to fail in school because they are hanging out with their boyfriend or girlfriend instead of doing their work. Throughout…show more content…
Close family ties are an important bond for each member of the family. A guy who wants to date a girl must ask for her parents' permission. In case no permission is granted, it is highly unlikely for the date to actually happen, unless in some cases that the girl and guy sneak out and date out secretly. However, this is morally unacceptable in Philippine culture. Filipino parents are very strict with their children having romantic relationships. Brothers are generally protective of their sisters. Even cousins and other relatives are protective of their young female cousins and relatives. They become more lenient when their daughters, sisters and relatives reach the legal age of 18. When picking up the girl at her home for a date, it is common to provide gifts to the family members (parents, grandparents and siblings) as well. Parents usually want to have some conversation with the guy and ask about his family and educational background before they can go out for a date. First Date The first date is officially a time to get to know each other. The couple ask about each other’s backgrounds and it is highly unlikely to have a passionate kiss after the date. Some girls allow a kiss on the cheek after the first date, but this varies per person and per couple. Some guys don’t even get the chance to hold the hand of their conservative dates. However, the more liberal females are more open to
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