Life on the Farm

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Time passed quickly as it tends to do. The little Knoll-Mice kept in touch even as their paths took them to different places. It was years later, when the Oliver, Brianna and Timmy gathered at the farm. The time between the end of school and the start of something new was delightful stage in a young mouse’s life.
It was Timmy’s last summer before college. For Oliver and Brianna, it was the time between college and a career. When their future was before them and everything seemed possible.
Oliver arrived at the Goo-Cheese Farm and looked around. The old peach-basket shed had changed, but in some way, it had also remained the same. There were some of the old tools still hanging in the shed, but the old oak chest where they kept their money, was gone.
Brianna used the chest to ship her clothes to college. Oliver could not believe how much could fit in it and the weight. Timmy refused to help carry it to the boat unless he had help from three other mice. Come September, it would be Timmy’s turn to use the chest. This would be his last summer before college.
Timmy was changing the batteries in the tractor his mother bought from Mr. Rat to make the farm more efficient. The tractor was old, but nothing was new when came from the Unk Yard.
Oliver went over to help Timmy lift a double-A battery onto the charger. “You won’t have to be doing this after college.”
Timmy wiped his brow. “That’s not going to happen.”
Oliver shook his head. “Still don't like school?”
“That’s right,” said
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