Life 's Test : The And Growth Of Insecurities, Self, And Self Esteem

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life’s test. This may cause the beginning of birth, and growth of insecurities, self-doubt, and self-delusion.
Further, these self-relation issues can limit the minister’s effectiveness as human beings in their life roles as husband, wife, lover, friend, father, parent, and others. Although secular self-esteem theorists have recognized that one 's self-esteem develops in a social context, the basic teaching reminds the pastor that there is no referent outside the self. However, in the Christian direction of things, self-esteem is basically bipolar. It is a personal feeling rooted in one 's practical knowledge of God and self-esteem. The experience of self-esteem is man 's last but one, resulting passionate response to seeing self in his light. It is this individual who finds conflict with the larger social order. The pastors must lose their self-relationship in acceptance of their religious teachings. This never ending conflict creates and maintains a certain level of stress among pastors.
Speaks has discussed a need to awaken pastors to an awareness of their false self-perceptions and their devastating expectations. He suggested that pastors must realize and face the fact of their humanity. This humanity provides them with certain weaknesses. These weaknesses make pastors vulnerable to diseased lifestyles, and because of these varied stressful internal and external life experiences, they become sick. There are certain standards created by society and the church with

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